Make the most out of your development

At David Lee we have the experience, knowledge and connections to make your property development successful.


Our process

STEP 1 Research

We proactively research both the local market and the land in the area to determine if a successful project can come of it.

STEP 2 Analysis

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your land by speaking to our experienced team, we can analyse the situation and check if the value has been maximised.

STEP 3 Price

This is where our superior knowledge of the local property market comes in handy. We know the people and have access to the latest market data and pricing trends to help advise on a realistic price.

STEP 4 Marketing

Marketing is second nature to us. We will work with you to create an outstanding marketing strategy that gets your development seen by the right audience.

STEP 5 Sales

We’ll market your development on major national property websites as well as on social media channels. We will also actively promote your development to our list of active local buyers and investors. Right through to the sale completion stage and beyond, we’ll keep you in the loop and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Access untapped opportunities

We are proud members of the national Land & New Homes Network which means we can provide more intel and resources for developers. From invaluable information to useful national connections, our membership allows us to maximise opportunities for you in this thriving sector of the property market.



From land assessment, valuation and planning to immersive marketing and proactive selling, David Lee can help you get the most out of your property development.