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The team at David Lee can help you realise what your land has to offer. From a thorough land appraisal to advising on a sale price, we’ll take you through each step.


Are you a property developer?

We’re on the ball when it comes to looking out for the next property development opportunities. With our unrivalled knowledge of the local area, we can help find the right land for your next project.


Is there gold at the bottom of your garden?

We deal with more than commercial land plots. Do you have spare land? Even in your garden? It could be of value. We’ve worked with land of all sizes, putting us in a position to provide professional advice and guidance after we analyse and determine the potential. Speak to us to see if this could be your land.

Let’s chat land

Whether you want to check if there are opportunities to sell land or discover land for development, we’d be happy to chat.