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David Lee recommend Enable Independent Financial Life Planners

David Lee recommend Enable Independent Financial Life Planners (

"Astute financial planning with the aid of an Independent Financial Adviser plays a significant role in reducing liabilities and maximizing the value of our assets. That is why the choice of adviser is such an important one.

At Enable Independent we know that our clients trust us and rely on our advice to help them to plan a better, more secure financial future. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously especially because we know that many clients have chosen us on the recommendation of friends and family.

Each one of our advisers has deep expertise in their area of specialist knowledge and, as a team, we hold some of the highest qualifications available in the financial advice industry. Our job satisfaction comes from using our skills to find workable, affordable and flexible solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our training permits us to look beyond a product's marketing hype and select on the basis of its fitness for purpose.”

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